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Worknjoy Raises KRW 2 Billion Investment for GPRO Business Management Platform

2024-05-22 2 min read


Worknjoy Raises KRW 2 Billion Investment for GPRO Business Management Platform

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The South Korean startup Worknjoy, which operates the business multi-product management platform GPRO (Groupware Pro), has raised an investment of KRW 2 billion. The funding round saw participation from East Gate Partners and Quantum Ventures Korea.

GPRO serves as a “hyper-connected business management platform,” consolidating various management systems such as HR, finance, approvals, attendance, and collaboration into a single product by linking members’ data. To enhance the ease of managing organization-wide operations and leveraging voucher data, it has introduced a bidirectional integration service with ERP systems like SAP and Douzone.

Worknjoy remarked, “This investment reflects our commitment to focusing on the integration and connection of business solutions for companies. As companies increasingly adopt multiple solutions, the costs of integration have risen, leading to issues of fragmentation which we have successfully addressed.”

East Gate Partners highlighted, “Traditional work support solutions were disjointed as functionalities like electronic approvals and financial operations required separate systems. Unlike these, GPRO’s advantage is its ability to integrate with other products, thus maximizing cost efficiency and enhancing the scope of operational management.”

Quantum Ventures Korea added, “GPRO meets the demand for integrating and connecting various essential corporate operations solutions. Each feature of GPRO is rated superior to similar standalone solutions from other providers. Particularly from a financial standpoint, it enables monthly tracking and detailed understanding of department-specific spending, tax invoices, and corporate card transactions over specific periods, which led to our decision to invest based on its higher satisfaction ratings compared to other business management solutions.”

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