MSS Holds Roundtable on Support for Startups Expanding into Japan

On the 13th, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS) convened a roundtable to assess challenges faced by startups entering the Japanese market and formulate necessary policy support. This session followed up on a previous meeting held in Tokyo on May 11th, focusing on the significance of local networking and addressing diverse legal issues such as company establishment and customs procedures. 

Attendees included six K-Startup Center Tokyo resident companies like Scalar Data and Airs Medical, along with four companies expanding into Japan such as Spoon Radio and Olive Union. Discussions centered on the hardships of overseas expansion, with local law firm attorneys and international expansion experts offering solutions. 

Park Ha-min, COO of Mediquarters, highlighted the need for legal assistance in managing personal data issues when operating e-commerce platforms in Japan. Minister Oh Young-joo committed to collaborating with major law firms starting in July to aid startups in resolving legal challenges during global expansion. 

Lee Se-young, CEO of WRTN Technologies, voiced difficulties in engaging with local large enterprises during overseas market entry and requested enhanced networking opportunities, prompting Minister Oh to promise expanded K-Startup networking programs in partnership with overseas embassies. 

Minister Oh underscored the importance of local networks and outlined plans to expand them through SME support teams and K-Startup Centers, affirming the Ministry’s steadfast support throughout the rigorous process of international expansion.

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