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Carbon management accounting company AENTS raises KRW 2 billion in Series A funding

2023-04-11 2 min read

Carbon management accounting company AENTS raises KRW 2 billion in Series A funding

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AENTS, a Korea-based developer of integrated carbon management accounting solutions, announced today that it has successfully raised KRW 2 billion in Series A funding. The investment was led by Envisioning Partners and Smilegate Investment.  

AENTS has developed NSCOPE, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that enables organizations to effectively measure and manage their carbon emissions. Within the NSCOPE platform, direct and indirect carbon emissions from all a company’s operations, supply chain, and consumer reach can be measured, analyzed, and reported as standardized carbon information required domestically and internationally. AENTS provides an integrated solution that enables companies to create a customized carbon neutrality roadmap, as well as actual reductions and trading on the same platform. 

With an integrated platform developed from the customer’s perspective, AENTS has secured paying customers in less than a year and is working on projects with domestic companies that have declared themselves net-zero.  

“Carbon neutrality is an inevitable challenge, and it’s time for companies to demonstrate how they are integrally and practically fulfilling this challenge,” said Hyunjoo Je, Partner at Envisioning Partners, who led the investment round. “AENTS has great growth potential as it offers a solution that enables companies to effectively perform carbon management accounting, which is an essential foundation for this.”  

“To fulfill the essential purpose of corporate carbon management, we need to go beyond just measuring and reporting and provide the solutions needed to actually reduce carbon emissions.  By leveraging our superior IT development and AI analytics capabilities, we will advance our services and help our customers stay ahead of the curve on the latest climate science and regulatory changes” said Kwangbin Park, CEO of AENTS.

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