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WiRobotics raises KRW 4 billion in pre-Series A funding for its wearable robots

2023-04-21 2 min read

WiRobotics raises KRW 4 billion in pre-Series A funding for its wearable robots

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South Korea-based WiRobotics, a developer of wearable work assistance robots, has raised KRW 4 billion in pre-Series A funding. The investment was led by Intervest, Credit Guarantee Fund, Futureplay, and Navion.

Founded in August 2021, WiRobotics is a startup founded by Co-CEO Yeonbaek Lee, CFO Changhyun Noh, COO Byungjun Choi, and professor Yongjae Kim of Korea Advanced Institute of Technology and Education, all of whom were key players in robotics development at Samsung Electronics.

The investment will be used for development, operations and marketing activities of WIM (We Innovate Mobility), a 1.4 kg ultra-lightweight walking assistive wearable robot scheduled to be unveiled this year. The company will also focus on hiring across its development and operations teams to ensure a rapid launch.

WiRobitics has design and control technology for high-performance safety robots and innovative wearable robot technology, and unveiled WIBS (We Innovate Back Support), an ultra-lightweight wearable robot for workers, at CES 2023.

“Since unveiling WIBS, an ultra-lightweight wearable robot for workers, at CES 2023, we have received many inquiries from various industries including construction, manufacturing, logistics, and defense. “We believe that our user-centered R&D with a focus on usability and wearability, which have been the biggest obstacles to the popularization of wearable robots, is the main reason why our products have been so well received by the market,” said Co-CEO Yeonbaek Lee.

“While our wearable robots for workers have been well received, it is our upcoming wearable robot ‘WIM’ that will showcase the essence of our wearable robot technology.” “WIM is a wearable robot that can help people walk easily and efficiently, which is the basis of daily activities, so that all generations can enjoy an active life and exercise together.”

“Despite the recent economic downturn, we are pleased to be recognized for our technology with this investment that exceeded our expectations. We are conducting research and development under the banner of interactive robotics, where humans and robots interact safely,” said Kim. “In the future, we will continue to develop robot technology that helps humans and coexists with them, not replaces them, and will introduce lighter, more comfortable and easier-to-use wearable robot products.”

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