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Saige Research, a Korean AI Startup for Manufacturing Quality Control, Raises KRW 15.5 Billion in Series B

2023-09-21 2 min read

Saige Research, a Korean AI Startup for Manufacturing Quality Control, Raises KRW 15.5 Billion in Series B

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The Korean startup Saige Research, which provides AI-based quality control solutions, has secured a Series B investment of 15.5 billion won.

New investors in this round include Legend Capital, SV Investment, TKG Ventures, and Wonik Investment Partners. The total accumulated investment raised to date is 19.8 billion won.

Founded in 2017, Saige Research offers AI solutions for the implementation of smart factories. Their deep learning-based exterior quality inspection technology, tailored for the manufacturing industry, automatically detects defects that are difficult to spot with the naked eye, improving product quality. 

Additionally, Saige Research possesses technology that monitors the manufacturing process in real-time and immediately alerts of any anomalies. This helps reduce the product defect rate and allows for immediate responses to errors that occur during the process.

Saige Research plans to focus on fundamental AI research for product enhancement based on this investment. The company boasts a high percentage of AI specialists, with 67% of all its members involved in deep learning research and software development.

At the same time, they plan to be more proactive in acquiring new client companies. Leveraging their proven technological capabilities in manufacturing sites of domestic and global advanced enterprises, such as secondary batteries and semiconductors, they intend to actively explore customers from various industrial fields.

Jong-woo Park, the representative of Saige Research, stated, “This investment recognizes the excellence and marketability of Saige Research’s unique AI technology tailored for the manufacturing industry.” He expressed his ambition, saying, “We aspire to be partners with global companies that dream of automated processes in every industrial field.”

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