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NationA’s Neuroid Breaks 500,000 Subscribers in 7 Days

2023-10-17 < 1 min read

NationA’s Neuroid Breaks 500,000 Subscribers in 7 Days

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NationA, a South Korean generative AI startup, has proudly announced that its 3D/4D motion content SaaS, Neuroid, achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing 500,000 subscribers within a mere 7 days of its launch.

Neuroid harnesses the power of generative AI technology to make 3D content creation accessible and effortless for everyone. With its innovative feature, users can effortlessly craft 3D animations by simply inputting text.

A spokesperson for NationA commented, “There hasn’t been a service catering to the general public that makes 3D motion content creation this easy. Neuroid immediately captured the enthusiasm of users upon its debut.”

Notably, NationA’s analysis revealed that Neuroid is rapidly gaining popularity among Roblox users, with word-of-mouth recommendations fueling a surge in subscribers. Roblox is a global platform where creators design 3D games and content.

NationA is optimistic that Neuroid will eclipse 1 million subscribers within the current month, and they aim to reach a substantial 10 million users by year-end. Moreover, NationA is committed to enhancing its service to transform into a versatile 3D content SaaS capable of serving a broad range of customers, thus expanding its target market.

NationA’s CEO, Soo-yeon Yoo, declared, “Our objective is not just 1 million but to secure over 10 million subscribers within the year. We will forge an insurmountable lead, driven by increased subscribers and services tailored to customer needs, leaving no room for competitors to catch up.”

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