Wyyys, a live app for collectors, surpasses 6 billion won in transaction volume in one year

Wyyys, a live app for collectors, announced that it has surpassed 6 billion won in transaction volume in one year since its launch.

The global collectibles market has grown significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic, and last year a Pokémon card in Japan was sold for about 7 billion won, setting a Guinness World Record.

Wyyys is the first C2C live commerce platform in South Korea. Collectors from a variety of fields, including Pokémon cards, sports cards, trading cards, art toys, Lego, die-cast, and figurines, are active as both buyers and sellers. The app has been recognized for its reliability among collectors, with rare Pokémon cards being sold for over 9 million won through live broadcasts.

As a result of this success, Wys recently raised a pre-Series A investment from Primer Sazze Partners, and its existing investor, Bon Angels Venture Partners, also participated in a follow-on investment.

Wyyys CEO Lee Moon-gyu said, “Collecting is an industry that is bound to grow as individual tastes become more diversified along with the economic and cultural development of society. Wys will start by addressing the inconveniences of the transaction process between collectors, and define the very shape of the domestic collectibles market, which is still in its early stages.”

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