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TWIGFARM Secures Series A Investment from SBS for AI-driven Content Localization

2023-10-25 2 min read

TWIGFARM Secures Series A Investment from SBS for AI-driven Content Localization

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TWIGFARM, a specialist enterprise for digital content localization platforms, has successfully secured a Series A investment from SBS. The amount is confidential.

Established in 2016, TWIGFARM is a natural language processing AI company that operates ‘LETR Works’, a Software as a Service (SaaS) for localizing digital content such as web novels, webtoons, and videos. It possesses original technology related to the collection, refinement, and processing of training data necessary for improving AI quality. Through this investment, TWIGFARM plans to strengthen its collaboration with SBS and enhance the performance of its content localization solutions to advance into overseas markets.

Until now, TWIGFARM and SBS have jointly conducted research on content localization, including multi-language translation. Notably, both companies have saved 20-40% in time and costs for content localization tasks by integrating SBS’s Content Management System (CMS) with ‘LETR Works’. Typically, localization tasks are known to be substantial due to considerations of quality and security, among others. However, it is expected that most procedures will be automated and streamlined through TWIGFARM’s AI technology in the future, innovating the localization process.

TWIGFARM and SBS believe that there is a good chance of success in foreign markets if the technology and know-how of both companies are combined based on their close cooperative relationship. Specifically, by establishing an ‘Integrated Contents Localization Ecosystem (ICLE)’, combining TWIGFARM’s AI-based content localization technology with SBS’s content creation and distribution expertise, they plan to enable more people to enjoy a wider variety of K-content.

Sun-ho Baek, CEO of TWIGFARM, stated, “Aligned with this investment, we have completed the establishment of a corporation in Singapore. Through this, we plan not only to export the content localization solution ‘LETR Works’ but also K-content to foreign markets. Strategic cooperation between the two companies will support the global expansion of Hallyu content and advance Korea’s content industry to a higher level.”

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