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IDeAOcean: Innovator in Autonomous Design Tech, Wins Seed Funding & CES 2024 Award

2023-11-20 2 min read


IDeAOcean: Innovator in Autonomous Design Tech, Wins Seed Funding & CES 2024 Award

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IDeAOcean, a Korean deep-tech startup established on the foundation of mechanism autonomous design technology developed at Seoul National University, has secured seed funding from FuturePlay. The amount of the investment has not been disclosed. Additionally, the company received the CES 2024 Innovation Award just four months after its founding.

Founded in July 2023, IDeAOcean is an early-stage startup that leverages 17 years of research in mechanism autonomous design algorithm technology from the laboratory of Professor Kim Yoon-young, a technical advisor from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Seoul National University. The team at IDeAOcean, led by CEO Kim Jung-ho, an expert in mechanism autonomous design technology, and technical advisor Kim Yoon-young, comprises skilled engineers, including masters and Ph.D. graduates from Seoul National University and Hanyang University.

Mechanism autonomous design technology is a cutting-edge solution for design automation. It rapidly produces optimal mechanisms that meet customer performance requirements, transcending human creativity. This is achieved through its unique data generated via the physical-based “Stem Bar/Block Mechanism (SBM)” and a sophisticated design/selection system architecture. IDeAOcean is currently developing METHEUS, an AI-based software aimed at automatically designing mechanisms, a vital component in the operation of robots and mechanical devices.

Leveraging these capabilities, IDeAOcean attracted seed funding from FuturePlay within a month of its inception, was chosen for the TIPS program, and won the Innovation Award in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) category at CES 2024.

The company is presently engaged in a Proof of Concept (PoC) with domestic automobile manufacturers for mobility mechanism design technology. It aims to resolve complex design challenges in the industry using METHEUS.

Choi Jae-woong, the executive director of FuturePlay who led this investment round, commented, “The next decade will be a transformative era for design technology, propelled by advancements in autonomous driving, electrification, and robotics. This will lead to the creation of entirely new mechanical devices. IDeAOcean’s most significant strength is its capacity to generate design data that surpasses human designers’ creativity while meeting customers’ mechanical performance requirements. By merging this unique foundational data with generative AI, IDeAOcean is set to revolutionize the human-centric design paradigm.”

Kim Jung-ho, CEO of IDeAOcean, shared his vision, stating, “The artificial intelligence like J.A.R.V.I.S. used in creating the Iron Man suit doesn’t have to remain in the realm of movies. IDeAOcean is on a path to develop high-performance design AI and establish a manufacturing infrastructure, aiming to create an integrated and optimized smart design-manufacturing system.”

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