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Hyperithm Invests in AI-Driven Bezant Tech for Virtual Asset Growth

2023-12-05 < 1 min read

Hyperithm Invests in AI-Driven Bezant Tech for Virtual Asset Growth

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Hyperithm, a provider of virtual asset financial services, has invested in the machine learning-based investment management platform Bezant Tech.

Founded by Dr. Nicolas Kseib, a Stanford Ph.D. graduate, and Dhruv Singh, with a major in Quantitative Economics from Harvard, Bezant Tech aims to reduce investment risk using cutting-edge AI. The organization includes a technical team of data scientists, software engineers, and mathematicians, and a business team of financial and investment experts.

Nicholas Kseib, Bezant Tech’s Co-founder and CEO, emphasized their goal of consistently offering high operational returns relative to risk. He expressed optimism about the collaboration with Hyperithm, anticipating accelerated growth and business expansion into Asia.

Hyperithm’s CEO, Lee Won-jun, highlighted the company’s interest in new technology for cryptocurrency operations. Excited about collaborating with Bezant Tech, he expressed support as both an investor and a potential user, contributing to the project’s growth and development.

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