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Marosol Achieves 200% Growth in Robot Solution Revenue in 2023

2024-01-24 2 min read


Marosol Achieves 200% Growth in Robot Solution Revenue in 2023

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Marosol, a Korean total robot solution provider, announced on the 23rd that its robot automation solutions supplied in Korea last year increased by 200%, amounting to roughly 300 projects. This significant growth was largely driven by logistics and cleaning robots.

Among these 300 automation projects, logistics robots have become particularly popular, serving various purposes such as sorting, storing, and transporting products. These robots are widely used in diverse locations including factories, large logistics warehouses, airports, ports, and hospitals. In July, Marosol initiated an extensive marketing campaign covering all categories of robots, including industrial, collaborative, and logistics robots, aimed at supporting companies in need of robot automation.

A noteworthy aspect of Marosol’s growth has been the surge in sales of cleaning robots among all service robots. These robots, primarily deployed in semiconductor factories, hospitals, large shopping malls, and hotels, have seen a sales increase of over 500% compared to 2022. With their autonomous driving and powerful cleaning performance, cleaning robots can operate in desired areas at any given time, without the need for human intervention.

Marosol has also introduced its certified brand ‘Vesslo’, offering customers a selection of products with proven stability and marketability for their robot automation needs. The Vesslo product line includes standardized robot solution packages for high-demand applications, supported by Marosol’s nationwide service network and the robot integrated control solution ‘SoLlink’, which provides remote customer support and maintenance services.

In December, Marosol established the nation’s first official Robot Refurbishment Center, aimed at repairing and overhauling aging and malfunctioning robots. This initiative helps extend the lifespan of robots through a remanufacturing process. Minkyo Kim, CEO of Marosol, stated, “In 2023, our focus was on building a sustainable robot ecosystem and expanding robot automation through a variety of solutions.” He further mentioned, “This year, we are concentrating on popularizing SoLlink, our integrated robot control solution. SoLlink is set to greatly surprise the market by enhancing the usability of existing service robot products beyond what was previously imagined.”

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