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NEWKIDS INVESTMENT Funds Eco-Friendly ‘SOOPUI’ and Specialty Coffee ‘Finder’

2024-02-08 2 min read


NEWKIDS INVESTMENT Funds Eco-Friendly ‘SOOPUI’ and Specialty Coffee ‘Finder’

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South Korea’s startup accelerator, NEWKIDS INVESTMENT, has successfully completed its investment through the company-building process with startups SOOPUI and Finder.

SOOPUI, under its brand ‘basewear,’ offers consumers essential items such as underwear, socks, and everyday wear made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials like organic cotton and biodegradable yarn. SOOPUI has won the top award in the ‘GS Retail Eco Social Impact Project,’ successfully establishing its brand identity and achieving expansion in sales channels and product lineup.

SOOPUI Basewear

Finder is a ‘specialty coffee’ brand that supports baristas with expertise in the rapidly evolving coffee market by encouraging a wide range of studies and experiences. The brand aims for visitors to experience differentiated hospitality and a deep appreciation of coffee from professional baristas. Its goal is to continuously host various coffee events to promote the development of coffee in the Jeju area.

The two companies that received investment were also selected for the Private Investment-Linked Matching Fund Support Program (LIPS) organized by NEWKIDS INVESTMENT. LIPS is a program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups designed to support small business owners in becoming entrepreneurial by providing funding through post-matching loans following initial investments by private investment firms.

NEWKIDS INVESTMENT, the entity behind the investment, stated, “Through our company building with NEWKIDS INVESTMENT, we established corporations and proceeded with investments, highly valuing the entrepreneurial spirit and potential for growth of SOOPUI and Finder.”

SOOPUI’s CEO, Choi Yeon-hee, shared, “After receiving the investment, we are excited about the prospect of actively developing eco-friendly fabrics. In Korea, certified organic cotton products are mainly utilized in children’s wear, leaving limited eco-friendly options for adult clothing. With additional investment, SOOPUI aims to develop eco-friendly fabrics for adult clothing as well, enabling adults to find the eco-friendly products they seek and contribute to creating a better world.”

Finder’s CEO, Yoon Se-mi, remarked, “We aspire for our local small cafe to become a brand that delights the nation. We anticipate evolving into a company that adds joy to people’s daily lives through coffee, by embracing external opinions and enhancing our originality. We believe that the most local elements can become globally recognized.”

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