ROBOS Secures KRW 7 Billion for Vision AI Slaughterhouse Robots in Series A Funding

The Korean startup ROBOS, known for developing robots for slaughtering processes using biometric vision AI technology, has successfully raised KRW 7 billion in a Series A funding round, just 19 months after its inception. The total funding raised to date amounts to approximately KRW 8 billion.

Participants in this investment round include affiliates of the Agricultural Cooperative (NH Bank, NH Investment & Securities), Gyeongnam Venture Investment, JCH Investment, Korea Technology Finance Corporation(KIBO), DT&Investment, CDK Venture Capital, FuturePlay, and Vision Venture Partners. Previously, in June last year, ROBOS had secured investment from Vision Venture Partners, Gyeongnam Venture Investment, Samik M&S Ventures, and Series Ventures.

ROBOS possesses a unique technology that combines the ‘Robos Biometric Vision System (RBS)’ with a ‘Hybrid Robot System’. This technology, developed through deep learning techniques, enables the control of robots handling biometric materials of various shapes.

This technology is versatile, with applications in numerous industrial fields. It was chosen in August for the Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ Deep Tech-TIPS (TIPS) program, focusing on ‘Automated Robots and Slaughtering Process Automation Systems’.

Hong Kwang-lak, Deputy General Manager at NH Bank, a principal investor in this round, expressed, “The slaughtering robots developed by ROBOS could greatly improve the challenging working conditions in slaughterhouses and address labor shortages.” He continued, “This investment is expected to hasten the launch of robots necessary for the slaughtering process, paving the way for the establishment of an automated system and expansion into the global market shortly.”

Jaehyun Park, CEO of ROBOS, remarked, “We aim to broaden our robot lineup for smart factory implementation in slaughterhouses and to expand our business domain from biometric vision AI to object vision AI.” He added, “Leveraging the robot control platform established by ROBOS, we will extend robot automation technology across various industrial fields, aiming for simultaneous market growth and revenue increase.”

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