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Class101 Announces Merger with Studio ViBLE, Expanding Its Content Range

2024-02-21 2 min read


Class101 Announces Merger with Studio ViBLE, Expanding Its Content Range

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The South Korean edutech company, Class101, has signed a merger agreement with Studio ViBLE. Through this merger, Class101 will exclusively showcase Studio ViBLE’s diverse content, aiming to add variety to its offerings by integrating expert content from fields such as music, film, sports, writing, and cooking.

This merger is expected to expand Class101’s content lineup significantly, incorporating classes led by industry experts and notable figures. Among the highlighted classes are those taught by professional gamer Faker, lyricist Kim Eana, film director Park Chan-wook, cartoonist Yoon Tae-ho, and former professional golfer Park Seri, providing an opportunity to learn from esteemed masters and celebrities who have made significant contributions to their respective fields.

To offer an enhanced learning experience, Class101 is actively pursuing strategic mergers and acquisitions with content platforms both domestically and internationally, thereby strengthening its class expertise. Furthermore, Class101 is introducing new services such as ‘Playlists,’ ‘Challenges,’ and ‘Commitments,’ alongside various class formats. These initiatives are designed to enrich the learning journey for classmates, increasing engagement and the overall value of the experience, and solidifying Class101’s position as a competitive integrated learning platform.

Koh Daesun, the CEO of Class101, expressed, “Class101 is dedicated to evolving into a platform that provides everything necessary for the learning and growth journey of our classmates. Moving forward, we are committed to improving the quality and diversity of our services, including pursuing mergers and acquisitions, to enable users to enjoy a wider and more varied range of learning experiences and opportunities.”

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