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MSS of Korea Initiates Global Acceleration Program for Female Entrepreneurs

2024-03-17 < 1 min read


MSS of Korea Initiates Global Acceleration Program for Female Entrepreneurs

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The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) of South Korea is inviting female entrepreneurs to participate in the “Exclusive Global Accelerating Program for Women’s Businesses” until April 8. This new initiative for the year targets female entrepreneurs, including participants of the “Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition,” who are aspiring to expand overseas. It provides export education and consulting, and supports those with a high potential for global market entry through global promotion and exploration of overseas markets.

Unlike previous supports for female entrepreneurship, which were domestically focused, this initiative aims to enhance the global competencies of female entrepreneurs, thereby increasing their potential for export. The program plans to offer practical training to 1,000 teams and consulting to 70 teams. Among these, 20 teams with high global expansion potential will be selected for promotional support, and 10 teams for overseas market exploration support.

Shin Jae-kyung, Director of Corporate Environment Policy at MSS, said, “ROBO ARETE, the winner of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition (2021), has recently evolved into a global company by achieving both exports and investment. Through this project, we hope to create a launchpad for many female entrepreneurs to make their mark overseas.”

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