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XPLA Mainnet Gains Strategic Investment from Matter Labs to Enhance Web3 Capabilities

2024-03-22 2 min read


XPLA Mainnet Gains Strategic Investment from Matter Labs to Enhance Web3 Capabilities

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The global blockchain mainnet ‘XPLA‘ has successfully secured strategic investment from Matter Labs, the developer behind Ethereum‘s layer 2 scaling solution, zkSync. This move also marks the beginning of a partnership aimed at bolstering its Web3 capabilities.

This partnership paves the way for the introduction of zkXPLA, leveraging zkSync’s upscaling technology. As an ecosystem built on the zkSync chain, zkXPLA employs zkRollup technology optimized for multi-chain environments, thereby extending Web3 games and services into the Ethereum ecosystem.

Developers and service providers can seamlessly integrate and utilize existing infrastructure supported by XPLA, such as game SDKs (Software Development Kits) and wallets, within zkXPLA. This facilitates rapid and straightforward project development. For gamers, this collaboration promises an enriched gaming experience in a Web3 setting, characterized by heightened security, transparency, and lower transaction fees.

As a component of this collaboration, XPLA has received strategic investment from Matter Labs. The entities have committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise in areas such as innovative infrastructure, open-source libraries, decentralized strategies, and community building. They also intend to engage in extensive collaboration, which will include sharing vital resources needed for development processes.

Paul Kim, Team Leader at XPLA, remarked, “This partnership propels us closer to our goal of becoming a global major mainnet that serves service providers, developers, and gamers alike. Through zkXPLA, we are set to broaden our reach into the Ethereum ecosystem and deliver an unparalleled Web3 gaming experience and services to a global audience.”

Rich Kim, Head of Web3 Entertainment and Media at Matter Labs, commented, “Web3 gaming is emerging as a significant sector within the digital asset ecosystem, gaining recognition for its innovations, spearheaded by zkSync. The zkSync-powered tools and the XPLA mainnet will significantly aid developers who are focused on long-term operations.”

XPLA is a Layer 1 mainnet that collaborates with leading Web3 entities, including the Com2us Group, Google Cloud, LayerZero, Gumi, Animoca Brands, YGG, Blockdaemon, and Cosmostation.

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