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Memebox Launches First US TikTok Shop, Aiming for Global Expansion

2024-04-08 2 min read


Memebox Launches First US TikTok Shop, Aiming for Global Expansion

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Korea’s beauty tech startup Memebox announced on the 8th that it has successfully launched the first TikTok Shop in the United States, aligning with the North American e-commerce trend of “Shoppertainment.” This move aims to reinforce its leading position in the American market and to accelerate its growth across the global market, including Southeast Asia.

Memebox, which has been in continuous operation for a decade since establishing its US branch in January 2014, plans to leverage this TikTok Shop launch to extend its brand recognition from offline to online environments.

In particular, “KAJA,” focusing on TikTok content marketing since 2018, now boasts 1.7M followers and has amassed 26 million likes across its content. Recently, Memebox has established an internal TikTok Lab to focus on creating short-form content that is optimized for the platform. This strategic move has proven effective, with a recent video upload spurring a 250% increase in the daily sales volume of the featured product in just one day. Moreover, the response to the content related to the “Dewy Bar” product featured on the TikTok Shop has seen a rapid increase.

Since its launch in the US market in August 2023, the TikTok Shop has climbed to the 20th rank among cosmetics/beauty distribution channels, with over 85% of its sales coming from the cosmetics/beauty category. Building on the success of its US TikTok Shop launch, Memebox plans to expand its channels to Southeast Asian regions, including Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, within 2024. This venture into the North American TikTok Shop is expected to lay the groundwork for Memebox’s future expansion into the Southeast Asian TikTok Shop market.

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