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Delight Room Invests in Soundable Health for Advanced Sound Analysis in Healthcare

2024-04-23 2 min read


Delight Room Invests in Soundable Health for Advanced Sound Analysis in Healthcare

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Delight Room, the South Korean company behind the morning wellness app ‘Alarmy,’ has made a strategic investment in Soundable Health, a digital healthcare startup specializing in diagnosing various diseases through sound analysis. Using AI, Soundable Health analyzes sounds such as urination and coughing collected by smartphones to determine the severity of diseases.

In the U.S. market, Soundable Health offers several apps including ‘proudP,’ a Class II medical device registered with the FDA in 2020 for managing male urological conditions; ‘Bladderly,’ an app for automated urination measurement and diary logging; and ‘Coughy,’ an app for managing respiratory diseases. The company is recognized for enabling patients and medical professionals to monitor and manage conditions without specialized equipment, and it provides valuable real-world data (RWD) and evidence (RWE) to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Following this investment, Delight Room is exploring a technical collaboration with Soundable Health. A primary area of focus is enhancing the ‘sleep analysis feature’ in Alarmy, which uses the smartphone’s microphone sensor to analyze users’ breathing patterns during sleep and assess sleep quality. Delight Room expects to elevate the professional quality of its analyses by integrating Soundable Health’s sound analysis technology into Alarmy.

Jae-myung Shin, CEO of Delight Room, commented, “By integrating Soundable Health’s sound analysis technology into Alarmy’s ‘sleep analysis feature,’ we aim to elevate our service to a professional level. In the future, Delight Room will not only continue to offer convenient everyday wellness services like Alarmy but also expand into more specialized healthcare domains to deliver greater value to our users.”

Ji-young Song, CEO of Soundable Health, said, “The extensive sleep data generated daily by Alarmy’s global users is an essential resource that will further refine our sound analysis capabilities. This investment paves the way for both companies to strengthen their product and technological competitiveness, and to expand our global presence through a constructive partnership.”

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