KDB Takes Korean Innovation to Silicon Valley: “KDB NextRound” Connects Startups with Global Investors

Korea Development Bank (KDB) held “KDB NextRound Silicon Valley” in the United States, on the 24th, This event marked the sixth edition of KDB’s global rounds, following ones in Shenzhen, China in 2018; Shanghai, China and Jakarta, Indonesia in 2019; Singapore in 2022; and Silicon Valley earlier in 2023.

The event kicked off with a welcome speech from KDB Chairman Kang Seok-hoon and included a presentation about KDB NextRound, which has become a leading venture investment platform in South Korea. A panel discussion on the topic “Why Global VCs Choose Korea” offered insights into the global competitiveness of Korean startups.

During the main session, six Korean startups (Bossemiconductor, Contents Technologies, Cupix, Fns Holdings, Point2 Technology, Upstage) and two U.S.-based startups founded by Koreans (Amogy, Kaigene) pitched to attract investment. The event was attended by approximately 250 people, including 200 local Silicon Valley venture capitalists (VCs), along with about 50 attendees from Korean VCs such as IMM Investment, LB Investment, Smilegate, and the Korea Creative Content Agency.

At the venue, there were standing booths set up for the eight startups presenting at the event, along with five startups incubated by KDB NextONE that are aiming to enter the U.S. market (Edint, Eight Tech, Ndotlight, Seoul Dynamics, Cubic). These booths provided an opportunity for networking with local VCs, allowing more Korean startups to connect with local investors than in any previous global round.

In his welcome speech, Chairman Kang remarked, “Thanks to the global rounds, many Korean startups have not only secured overseas investment, but have also made significant progress in entering foreign markets.” He added, “KDB is committed to expanding both direct and indirect investments and will continue to support the growth and global expansion of innovative Korean startups.”

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