‘Onoma AI’ Selected for KODIT’s First Penguin Program, Enhancing Webtoon Production with Generative AI

Onoma AI, a Korean generative AI startup, has been selected for the “First Penguin” program by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT). The First Penguin program identifies companies that boldly venture into new markets. KODIT selects pioneering startups with advanced technology and the potential to become future unicorns, providing them with support to accelerate their growth.

Onoma AI aims to become the world’s leading visual storytelling company, offering services tailored to the needs of webtoon creators, from story generation to storyboard image creation. The company is set to launch “TooToon 3.0,” which will significantly reduce the time and labor required for webtoon production.

Last September, Onoma AI was selected for the TIPS program. In January 2024, it became the first company to win the CES Innovation Award in the AI category for its service utilizing generative AI in webtoons. In May 2024, it was selected as a target company for the AI/Big Data Commercialization Support Program for super-gap startups.

Song Min, CEO of Onoma AI, stated, “Using our selection as a First Penguin company as a stepping stone, we aim to enhance the technology and services of TooToon and target overseas expansion within this year.”

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