WRTN Technologies Secures 25 B KRW in Pre-Series B Funding to Fuel Global AI Expansion

WRTN Technologies, a South Korean AI service platform company, has secured KRW 25 billion in a pre-Series B funding round from global investors in the USA, Japan, and Korea. This round follows a KRW 15 billion Series A funding secured in June last year, bringing WRTN’s total investments to KRW 44 billion. This funding round was led by BRV Capital Management, with participation from existing investors including Capstone Partners, IBK, and Z Venture Capital(ZVC).

Dubbed an “insider round,” this follow-on was initially completed early this year with existing investors. However, the round was significantly expanded following interest from new international investors who were impressed by WRTN’s growth potential. According to WRTN, “This investment round is subject to change as we are in the final stages of negotiations at the request of some new institutional investors.”

With this new funding, WRTN, which established a subsidiary in Japan last year, is pushing ahead with its international expansion. The company is actively developing localized generative AI-based web and app services, meeting high levels of interest both domestically and internationally.

WRTN, with its vision to “Bring AGI Close To People,” is recognized as a promising startup poised for significant impact in the upcoming era of mainstream AI services. This follows the large language model (LLM) boom in 2023 and the AI semiconductor and infrastructure surge in 2024. In March, WRTN rolled out a significant update that enhanced AI search as a core feature and made several user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) improvements to increase usability. At WRTN, anyone can create their own AI character chatbot, and the company is also enhancing various other AI portal services such as chat, studio, and tools.

Additionally, WRTN is developing and implementing an AI Compound System that maximizes user-perceived performance by integrating various AIs. This development is based on its unique ability to analyze over 25 million monthly user-AI conversation data. The company is also proactively adopting technologies like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and AI agent technologies to transcend the limitations of existing LLMs.

Jeong Ji-min, Executive Director at BRV, said, “BRV has consistently focused on discovering companies poised to define the future of industries during significant technological shifts. The current focus on building AI infrastructure is ultimately aimed at facilitating the everyday integration of AI and humans. The approach WRTN is taking to popularize AI and the positive response from users are promising for its successful expansion beyond Korea and Japan into other non-English speaking markets.”

Lee Se-young, CEO of WRTN, commented, “Anticipating a global competition in AI services, WRTN strives to be the most user-friendly AI service platform available. This investment will fuel our efforts to develop and enhance products and services that meet the needs of our times, and focus on building a competitive and technologically advanced organization that leads in AI popularization.”

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