Connecteve and UAE’s Burjeel Holdings Forge Strategic AI Healthcare Partnership

On June 24th, Connecteve, a global AI healthcare solutions provider based in Seoul, established a strategic partnership with Burjeel Holdings, a prominent healthcare group from the United Arab Emirates. This event marked Burjeel Holdings’ first visit since the initial virtual agreement in March, allowing them to experience Connecteve’s software solutions in person.

The signing was attended by notable figures including Waleed Tawfik, COO of Burjeel Holdings; Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Medical Director; Gnana Deepan, OR Director; and Park Ji-soon, an orthopedic specialist from Connecteve. The partnership encompasses various collaborative initiatives such as utilizing Connecteve’s AI-based radiology interpretation support program, exploring and supporting joint ventures and national research projects, conducting collaborative research, publishing findings, and sharing radiological image data from Burjeel Hospital.

Connecteve has previously collaborated with international research institutions and hospitals in Australia, the USA, and Norway to develop AI deep learning models. This partnership aims to enhance product quality to meet global standards by applying and testing radiological images from patients with musculoskeletal conditions in the Middle East. Connecteve is set to complete software development and launch the product later this year, with plans to visit Burjeel Hospital in October to oversee installation and testing.

Burjeel Holdings, a leader in the UAE healthcare sector, operates Burjeel Medical City along with other hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies. It boasts 1,660 beds and employs over 1,556 doctors. Founded by Indian radiologist Shamsheer Vayalil in 2007, it has grown significantly, reporting revenues of approximately 1.7 trillion won in 2023.

Founded in 2021 by Noh Doo-hyun, a specialist from Seoul National University Hospital, Connecteve offers comprehensive AI-based solutions for diagnosing, treating, and recovering from musculoskeletal disorders. Noh stated that the partnership is pivotal for advancing international business efforts, including exporting AI solutions and achieving CE certification.

Burjeel Holdings Logo

Waleed Tawfik expressed his enthusiasm about integrating Connecteve’s cutting-edge technology into their hospital systems. He emphasized the future role of AI in healthcare and his eagerness to continue introducing innovative solutions through this partnership.

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