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Algocare launches ‘Algocare at Work’, a personalized nutritional supplement based on AI health analysis

2023-03-20 2 min read

Algocare launches ‘Algocare at Work’, a personalized nutritional supplement based on AI health analysis

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AlgoCare, an artificial intelligence-based healthcare startup based in South Korea, announced today that it has officially launched AlgoCare at Work, a nutrition management service for businesses.

AlgoCare at Work is a service that provides customized nutrition management in office spaces based on AlgoCare’s self-developed nutrition management solution NaaS (Nutrition-as-a-Service). Nasu consists of AlgoCare AI, AlgoCare Nutrition Engine, AlgoCare Nutrition Bottle, and AlgoCare App.

The AlgoCare service uses healthcare AI to analyze the user’s health status and calculate the required nutritional ingredients and dosage, the dispenser provides a combination of nutritional products in real time, and the user can manage the dispenser and track their health status through the mobile app.

Algocare AI, which is used to analyze health conditions and calculate nutritional needs, is a healthcare artificial intelligence developed by Algocare through three years of research, in which we reviewed a total of 3,000 related papers, analyzed 50,000 drugs, and considered more than 7,000 test subjects. In addition, the Algocare Nutrition Engine is a nutrition dispenser that combines customized nutrients like a ‘capsule coffee machine’. Algocare Nutrition Bottles are cartridges that contain premium nutraceuticals in 4mm or less. The cartridges are currently available in 10 flavors and contain 27 single ingredients. The AlgoCare app is a mobile app that allows users to manage data from these processes.

Along with the launch of Algocare at Work, Algocare is also launching a new version of its existing nutrition dispenser, the Algocare Nutrition Engine Pro 1. The company has won the CES Innovation Award for three consecutive years for its nutrient dispenser, which has attracted interest from leading Korean companies even before the official launch. With the new version of the dispenser, Algocare plans to introduce more advanced services in Algocare at Work.

“We wanted to meet the company’s interest in health management and help individuals receive professional-grade personalized nutrition care at work,” said Ji-won Jung, CEO of AlgoCare.

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