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Global fandom service BeMyFriends launches live streaming ‘FLNK’

2023-03-30 2 min read

Global fandom service BeMyFriends launches live streaming ‘FLNK’

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South Korea-based global fandom business company BeMyFriends announced today that it has launched FLNK, a live streaming platform for global entertainment companies’ fandom businesses. 

FLNK, which means “connecting fandom and artists,” is a service that allows global fandom and artists to closely communicate and build relationships based on live streaming that allows for real-time communication. Through FLNK’s dedicated website, global entertainment companies can host live events, and global fans can watch live streams on PCs and mobiles.

BeMyFriends also has a specialized live streaming team to help clients easily and quickly organize various live events such as online fan meetings and fan signings through Flink. Through the specialized team, BeMyFriends also provides a variety of additional services to meet the needs of its customers, from planning live events to setting up and monitoring high-quality video transmission. In addition, it provides ‘real-time subtitles’ in Korean, English, and Japanese, enabling two-way communication with global fans.

FLNK also offers a variety of services to enhance the value of live streaming, including global e-commerce and multilingual content. Global fans can purchase tangible goods such as merchandise and digital passes linked to live streams through global e-commerce in 208 countries around the world. We also provide exclusive content, such as artist interviews, in multiple languages for global fans gathering on FLNK. Currently, global artists such as KARA, TRENDZ, and tripleS are actively communicating with their fans through FLNK.

“The global live streaming market has grown rapidly since the pandemic,” said Bae Sang-hoon, COO of BeMyFriends. “FLNK is a unique new service that brings new value to our clients and their fans by providing everything from live event planning and management to merchandise sales and exclusive content. As a leading global fandom business company, we will continue to enhance our technology and services to help more artists, brands, and creators connect with their fans in a variety of ways and build successful businesses through FLNK.” 

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