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Bemyfriends’ Fandom Platform ‘b.stage’ Surpasses 1 Million Monthly Active Users

2024-05-14 2 min read


Bemyfriends’ Fandom Platform ‘b.stage’ Surpasses 1 Million Monthly Active Users

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Bemyfriends, a Korean fandom business company, announced on the 14th that its platform, b.stage, has surpassed 1 million monthly active users (MAU). This milestone was reached two years after the service officially launched in April 2022. b.stage plans to continue its growth by enhancing its services and attracting customers from various fields, keeping pace with the rapid increase in active users.

B.stage is a comprehensive solution for global fandom businesses, offering features such as content management, community building, membership services, global commerce, live streaming, and real-time two-way communication. It also provides diversified business solutions, including IP business and consulting. Currently, the fandom platform built on b.stage has attracted users from 224 countries worldwide.

Significantly, b.stage’s user data is collected on a stand-alone platform built directly by customers conducting fandom businesses. Core fandoms gather and engage on this platform, allowing customer companies to directly monitor and manage fandom data. These responses can be analyzed and applied to business strategies. As of April, the retention rate of active fandom platforms built on b.stage was 70%, indicating a highly loyal user base.

Thanks to this loyalty, b.stage is rapidly increasing its market share as a fandom business infrastructure in the K-POP entertainment market, focusing on global bases such as Korea, the United States, and Japan. Over 130 companies, both domestic and international, are expanding their fandom businesses by adopting b.stage. This growth extends beyond K-POP and entertainment into areas like e-sports, acting, and content creation.

Lee Ki-young, co-CEO of bemyfriends, said, “Our efforts to demonstrate the stability of b.stage and the global scalability of the fandom business have allowed us to expand globally with customers across more fields. Additionally, the influx of global fandoms has increased rapidly. We will continue to strive to ensure that anyone with a fandom worldwide can develop a successful fandom business through b.stage.”

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