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Aiz Entertainment Secures KRW 6 B in Funding for AI-Based Content Development

2024-05-02 < 1 min read


Aiz Entertainment Secures KRW 6 B in Funding for AI-Based Content Development

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Aiz Entertainment, a South Korean startup developing AI-based entertainment content, has secured an additional KRW 6 billion in funding. The investment comes from LB Investment and Stonebridge Ventures, with contributions of KRW 5 billion and KRW 1 billion, respectively. This completes a seed investment round totaling KRW 16 billion, including KRW 10 billion raised in March from BonAngels Venture Partners.

Aiz was established in November last year with a mission to create a new entertainment culture in the AI era. They aim to leverage AI to connect users to content tailored to their interests, build fandoms, and introduce interactive entertainment experiences.

In particular, they plan to harness AI technology to create new opportunities in the K-pop industry, expand the traditional entertainment market, and foster new cultural trends, demonstrating the potential of K-pop and K-culture in the AI era.

LB Investment’s involvement marks its second collaboration with CEO Nam Goong-hoon. In 2015, LB Investment invested KRW 5 billion in NZIN, the predecessor of Kakao Games, contributing to its growth and successful public listing, achieving over tenfold returns.

Stonebridge Ventures decided to invest, believing that Aiz can quickly grow in the AI-entertainment integration field, led by CEO Nam Goong-hoon and a proven founding team.

Aiz Entertainment stated, “This funding will help us materialize the AI-based entertainment services we have in development, allowing us to explore new business models and contribute positively to the entertainment industry.”

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