Beeble Secures $4.75 Million Seed Investment to Expand AI Virtual Studio Platform

Korean AI virtual studio platform operator Beeble announced on the 11th that it has secured a $4.75 million seed investment from the U.S.-based Basis Set Ventures and Fika Ventures. Beeble has previously attracted pre-seed investments from Mashup Ventures and Kakao Ventures in 2022 and was selected for the Deep Tech TIPS program. Basis Set Ventures, led by Lan Xuezhao, who previously invested early in Scale AI—now valued at $1.4 billion by companies including NVIDIA—is a firm specializing in AI and deep tech.

Beeble’s flagship product, ‘SwitchLight,’ is a virtual studio that allows users to shoot in any desired lighting and background. Its unique feature is its ability to accurately capture the subject’s true form and color, creating realistic effects such as shadows and light reflections.

Beeble, which possesses a world-class foundational model in lighting and has secured major U.S. clients, including video AI companies, received high marks for its potential to break into global markets, leading to this successful investment round.

Park Eunwoo, a partner at Mashup Ventures and the lead investor in Beeble’s initial round, stated, “We have supported the team from the inception of their business idea, believing in their potential. With this new funding, we expect Beeble to emerge as a global AI leader, extending beyond Korea.”

Kim Hoon, CEO of Beeble, remarked, “Our goal at Beeble is to boost the creative powers and efficiency of individual artists with unique ideas, giving them the tools to compete with large studios. This investment will enable us to further enhance our technology and develop our products.”

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