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2023 Smart City Startup Demo Day Expands into the Vietnamese Market

2023-10-30 2 min read

2023 Smart City Startup Demo Day Expands into the Vietnamese Market

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The startup incubator, The Invention Lab, announced that it will host the “2023 SmartSpace+ Smart City Startup Demo Day” on November 8th at The Sentry in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 

This event, the first of its kind in Vietnam for the smart city sector, will feature presentations focusing on the localization strategies that each team has experienced during their month-long stay in Vietnam, rather than the typical pitching session.

The event is co-hosted by The Invention Lab and Innolab Asia and is part of the Global Market Expansion Program (GMEP) organized by the Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) and sponsored by The Smart City Association.

GMEP aims to assist Korean startups in expanding to the Vietnamese market, and it has selected ten startups in the smart city sector. These selected teams will receive a comprehensive acceleration program, including business development education, expert mentoring, and proof of concept (PoC) opportunities in both South Korea and Vietnam.

The “2023 SmartSpace+ Smart City Startup Demo Day” will feature presentations by the selected teams about their business achievements during the program, attended by domestic and international investors and smart city stakeholders.

The event includes a pitching session for the selected teams and offers networking opportunities through individual booths for each startup, where they can interact directly with institutional investors and clients. This event aims to promote interactions and collaborations between startups and investors and clients.

Among the ten participating teams are Contactus, an online platform for remote building management; Mewolmejoo, a platform for O4O alcohol distribution; Yaholab, a tutor class matching platform for 3-11-year-old children’s after-school education; Addd, a solution for offline and outdoor advertising effectiveness measurement; Bluefrog, an AI service for connecting small businesses with local customers; Jarasoft, an automatic facial recognition and blurring service in videos; Parallel Space, a 3D digital twin solution for online site surveys and real estate facility management; Oneroof, a workspace management solution for digital transformation; and Timwork, a drawing-based smart construction management solution.

The Invention Lab’s CEO, Kim Jin-young, mentioned, “We have selected ten teams focusing on the three core areas of smart cities: ICT infrastructure, data, and applications. For the first time, we are discussing localization and conducting local proof of concept (PoC) testing in collaboration with local business partners and partners in Vietnam. Until now, the Vietnamese market entry has mainly focused on local O2O and on-demand services, but selecting and investing in technology and service companies in the smart city sector, and transferring them to Vietnam, will become a valuable example.”

This event will be attended by around 200 participants, including local stakeholders in the construction, interior design, and ICT solution sectors of smart cities, as well as domestic and local investors, and industry professionals from both countries.

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