LOGIBROTHERS Secures Strategic Investment from Grand Ventures to Expand AI Education Globally

LOGIBROTHERS, a Korean edutech startup, operates ‘CODMOS,’ an AI courseware designed for elementary and middle school students, and has recently secured strategic investment from Grand Ventures.

‘CODMOS’ offers a tailored online educational service in software and AI, encompassing about 2,000 learning activities that meet both the Korean elementary and middle school IT curriculum standards and the U.S. Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) curriculum. The platform provides courses in digital AI literacy, programming, and algorithmic AI learning, focusing on critical future skills.

LOGIBROTHERS has been recognized for three consecutive years as a promising East Asian edutech company in the STEAM education sector by Holon IQ. The company is currently in discussions about global expansion with partners in four foreign countries, and has completed pilot tests in some of these markets.

Han Jeong-gyu, CEO and partner of Grand Ventures, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are excited to advance our vision of expanding educational opportunities through tailored content and appropriate technology alongside LOGIBROTHERS. We highly value the business potential, distinctiveness, and scalability of the CODMOS educational content, which nurtures computing skills based on mathematical thinking from a young age.”

He added, “As a CVC (corporate venture capital) and strategic investment arm of Omega Point, which has created Korea’s top logical math brand ‘Cmath‘ for over 20 years, Grand Ventures is committed to fully supporting LOGIBROTHERS through strategic partnerships, new business vision planning, and global expansion efforts.”

Noh Sang-min, CEO of LOGIBROTHERS, stated, “This strategic investment will allow us to leverage business synergies with Cmath, a powerful educational brand. We are particularly excited about expanding into new business opportunities in the global education market, in addition to our domestic efforts.”

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