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Glorang Secures Strategic Investment for Talent Tech from Tokyo Broadcasting System

2024-04-21 < 1 min read


Glorang Secures Strategic Investment for Talent Tech from Tokyo Broadcasting System

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On April 19, Glorang, an AI talent tech company from South Korea, announced its receipt of strategic investment (SI) from Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), Japan’s premier broadcaster. This investment is part of the extension of its Series A funding round. Founded in 1951, TBS is the largest media company in Japan and is enhancing its market position by partnering with global enterprises in education and AI.

Glorang, which operates ‘GGUGE,’ an online real-time education platform in South Korea, specializes in developing AI-based diagnostic education. ‘GGUGE’ integrates diagnostic testing to numerically assess and percentile children’s abstract talents such as thinking, literacy, and numeracy skills, effectively gauging educational outcomes.

TBS noted, “This investment acknowledges Glorang’s potential for growth in AI diagnostic education and its expertise in psychological testing. We plan to embark on various collaborations to facilitate a successful market entry into Japan based on this investment.”

Hwang Tae-il, CEO of Glorang, commented, “In the forthcoming AI era, education systems should focus not merely on learning standardized scores and content, but rather on enhancing skills like creativity, thinking, and numeracy that can be applied and utilized. We aim to develop new assessments that measure the intelligence and talents of students globally and to create a system that maximizes individual capabilities through education designed for the AI era.”

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