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HORANG EDU Secures Seed Funding to Enhance AI-Powered Korean Coding Education

2024-05-14 2 min read


HORANG EDU Secures Seed Funding to Enhance AI-Powered Korean Coding Education

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HORANG EDU, a Korean edutech startup that operates the coding education service ‘HORANG’, has secured seed funding from the Yoonmin Foundation. ‘Horang’ is an AI-powered coding education platform that utilizes the Korean programming language, making it accessible to everyone. By teaching coding in Korean rather than English, the service allows Koreans to easily learn coding and develop computational thinking skills.

Horang has been implemented in various educational settings, including elementary schools, local youth foundations, and department store cultural centers. Approximately 90% of students have reported finding Korean coding easier and more enjoyable than traditional English coding methods. Horang Edu was founded by CEO Yu Do-hee, a recipient of the Korea Talent Award, and was also selected for the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Yoo Do-hee, CEO of Horang Edu, stated, “This seed investment will enable us to enhance our educational offerings and develop coding education services integrated with AI technologies, such as AI digital textbooks.” She added, “Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to develop computational thinking skills through our natural language Hangul coding education. I am dedicated to creating the programs we envision.”

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