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Korean Startups Partner with OpenAI for Global Expansion

2023-10-31 < 1 min read

Korean Startups Partner with OpenAI for Global Expansion

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The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) has announced plans to host the “K-Startup & OpenAI Matching Day” event in collaboration with OpenAI on December 13th and 14th. This initiative aims to support AI-related startups in expanding globally and enhancing their technological capabilities.

Following discussions between MSS and OpenAI after inviting OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, in June, this event is a significant step towards fostering technology and business collaborations.

OpenAI and MSS will select 40 startups for the program, divided into two categories: “API Utilization” and “Collaboration.” API Utilization is open to developers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and AI-related startups, while Collaboration is exclusively for AI-related startups. The selected startups will have the opportunity to participate in face-to-face evaluations in the United States, where they will compete for various incentives, including a chance to visit OpenAI headquarters.

To raise awareness and interest in this program, MSS will conduct an online pre-explanatory session featuring OpenAI executives. During the session, they will discuss AI policies, areas of collaboration with Korean AI startups, and more.

Minister Lee Young expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration between OpenAI and Korean startups, emphasizing that MSS will actively support the commercialization and global expansion of promising AI startups. The program aims to help these startups grow into globally competitive AI companies.

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