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Korean Fashion AI Startup VICEVERSA Secures 1.25 Billion KRW Investment for VIIM Service

2023-11-22 2 min read

Korean Fashion AI Startup VICEVERSA Secures 1.25 Billion KRW Investment for VIIM Service

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The Korean-based generative AI fashion startup, VICEVERSA, has successfully secured a pre-Series A funding round of KRW 1.25 billion. Notable participants in this investment round include Thanks Ventures and Space Asset Management. VICEVERSA operates the VIIM fashion community service, utilizing generative AI technology.

In a recent development, VICEVERSA unveiled the VIIM photo shoot service, providing users with a diverse fashion experience through the use of generative AI technology. Unlike other services that employ generative AI to cover a broad spectrum of image areas, such as Midjuni, VIIM specializes specifically in the field of fashion.

Continuously advancing its specialized artificial intelligence for fashion, VICEVERSA collaborates with various brands to develop brand-specific AI models. The company has already formed partnerships with renowned domestic fashion and beauty brands, including KOLON, Noldi, Big Park, Kye, HOLYNUMBERSEVEN, Beenee, Big Park, D’ANTIDOTE, Kwak Hyun Joo Collection, and Amuse, offering users creative and diverse fashion experiences. Additionally, VICEVERSA is facilitating fashion brands in seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence, expanding their interactions with users.

Within the VIIM service, users can leverage production features to freely create imagined fashion designs by inputting prompts. The photo shoot function enables users to craft creative and varied fashion portraits reflecting their faces.

Yoon Ye-seop, a partner at Thanks Ventures, assessed the situation, stating, “Given the scarcity of AI specialized in the fashion field, VIIM holds significant potential in enabling domestic brands, based in Korea, to easily connect with international users. This endeavor is garnering global attention, particularly at a time when K-fashion is gaining increased recognition overseas.”

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