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Lucentblock Raises 15 Billion KRW in Series B Funding for Innovative Real Estate Fractional Investment

2023-11-24 2 min read

Lucentblock Raises 15 Billion KRW in Series B Funding for Innovative Real Estate Fractional Investment

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Lucentblock, the operator of the real estate fractional investment platform ‘,’ has successfully secured a Series B investment of 15 billion KRW. Notable investors in this funding round include Hana Ventures, Hana Securities, Industrial Bank of Korea, Kyobo Securities, ETRI Holdings, and Seoul Techno Holdings.

‘Sou’ is a service that securitizes high-value commercial real estate, making it possible for users to invest in smaller amounts. Designated as an innovative financial service by the Financial Services Commission in May 2021 and re-designated this year, Lucentblock launched the ‘Sou’ real estate fractional investment platform in April 2022. In June of the same year, the company made history by issuing the first tokenized security (Security Token) in Korea, known as Anguk Downtowner. These tokens represent various assets, including real estate, art, and companies, in digital form.

Hana Ventures, taking the lead in this investment, remarked, “Lucentblock is a technologically innovative company that pioneered the first case of tokenized security issuance in Korea. We believe it is currently the only service driving the growth of the fractional real estate investment market.”

Lucentblock aims to list more valuable buildings, expand user interactions to stimulate transaction activity, and create a fresh spatial experience through straightforward and secure investments. The ultimate goal is to take a leading role in shaping a new paradigm for real estate investment culture.

CEO Heo Se-young of Lucentblock emphasized, “This Series B investment will serve as a cornerstone for the technological innovation and ongoing growth of the Sou service. We will continue to refine the investment experience, ensuring that real estate transactions become more transparent and efficient for users, all while providing an enjoyable and secure investment journey.”

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