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Zeroxflow’s ‘1Hour’ AI Courseware Secures KRW 3.5 Billion in Series A Funding

2023-11-24 2 min read

Zeroxflow’s ‘1Hour’ AI Courseware Secures KRW 3.5 Billion in Series A Funding

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Zeroxflow, the operator behind the comprehensive AI courseware ‘1Hour‘ for English education, has successfully raised KRW 3.5 billion in Series A funding.

Hana Ventures led this funding round, with existing shareholders A-Stone Ventures, Laguna Investment, and Must Ventures joining as follow-on investors.

1Hour specializes in AI courseware tailored for English education, combining ‘Course’ and ‘Software.’ This software simplifies and expedites all stages of English education in schools and academies, utilizing IT technology to ease the workload of educators. The service name ‘1Hour’ symbolizes its commitment to transforming lecture preparation, traditionally taking over an hour, into a task achievable in just one minute.

Through the 1Hour platform, teachers can effortlessly create class materials encompassing text, PDFs, and multimedia. Previously time-consuming tasks such as class preparation, test grading, error categorization, and progress management can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Students benefit from digital class materials, including text, audio, and video, accessible on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone, resulting in a positive response for both engagement and educational effectiveness.

1Hour is revolutionizing communication among educators, students, and parents in the education sector. Teachers can assign personalized learning progress and homework with just a few clicks, while students can submit homework in various formats, including audio and video.

The feature allowing parents to receive student reports, including videos of their children speaking in English, via KakaoTalk has gained popularity among parents.

Launched in October 2021, 1Hour, with its exceptional usability, is currently utilized by over 750 public and private educational institutions and 24,000 students. The solution has been adopted by 65 schools through initiatives like the Digital Leading School program, and business partnerships with academy franchises such as Kyowon Wiz are expanding its customer base in the private education sector.

The GPT-based automatic question creation feature, ‘Quiz AI,’ released in August this year, provides 1,000 types of evaluation-appropriate questions in just 10 minutes from a single English paragraph. The ‘Writing AI’ feature, which automatically evaluates a student’s English composition and provides detailed corrections and feedback, has also received significant praise from English teachers.

Yoo Jae-ha, responsible for assessment at Hana Ventures, stated, “1Hour is receiving significant acclaim as an English education-focused SaaS in both public and private education. We recognize its potential to expand its reach in the education sector’s digital transformation era, becoming a central hub for students, teachers, and content providers.” He added, “While 1Hour started with English education, we anticipate its growth as a global SaaS supporting the learning of various foreign languages, including Korean for foreigners.”

Kim Hong-hyun, CEO of Zeroxflow, expressed the company’s goal: “Our aim is to alleviate the workload of teachers worldwide through AI technology, enabling more interaction between teachers and students in reduced time, maximizing human strengths in the education field.”

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