ULIFT Raises Series A funding for Expansion of Innovative Mobile Coding Education Platform

ULIFT, a Korean specialist in mobile coding education, has secured a Series A investment of KRW 4 billion. Following a pre-Series A investment of KRW 2.5 billion in February last year, ULIFT has now accumulated a total investment of approximately KRW 8 billion.

This funding round was supported by existing investors, including BonAngels Venture Partners, Access Ventures, Pathway Partners, and Cosine Investment.

ULIFT provides ‘Coding Valley,’ a mobile coding education app designed for beginners. The app aims to reduce the intimidation associated with learning this specialized field by focusing on fun and accessible coding education. It features coding learning dramas and short-form lessons, each about a minute long, to simplify complex programming concepts.

Just one month after its launch in August last year, Coding Valley reached the top spot in revenue in the Google Play Store’s coding education category. Motivated by this success, ULIFT has been vigorously enhancing Coding Valley’s educational content. The app now offers 621 lessons across 21 courses, covering programming languages such as Python and web development, as well as essential IT literacy for coding learners.

ULIFT is also considering expanding into the global market. Utilizing its intellectual property (IP) in ‘coding learning dramas,’ ULIFT plans to extend its reach to international markets, including Japan and the United States. To date, about 50 episodes of coding learning dramas have been produced, with a goal to complete over 100 episodes by the end of this year.

With this investment, ULIFT intends to fast-track content enhancement and international expansion. In line with current programming education trends, ULIFT aims to extend its AI-based coding education and expand its educational services for juniors, preparing for a future where coding skills are essential. The company plans to develop a comprehensive coding education curriculum tailored to various educational subjects.

Biho Lee, CEO of ULIFT, stated, “This investment reconfirms ULIFT’s distinctiveness and potential for growth as a leading company in coding education. We will continue to proactively identify needs for coding education and aim to develop a comprehensive coding education curriculum that caters to all generations.”

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