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Naver Webtoon Hits Record 100 Billion Yen Transaction Mark in Japan

2023-12-04 2 min read

Naver Webtoon Hits Record 100 Billion Yen Transaction Mark in Japan

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On the 1st of this month, Naver Webtoon announced a historic achievement, breaking records by exceeding a transaction amount of 100 billion yen in Japan until November of this year. This milestone represents the combined transaction figures from the “LINE Manga” and “E-book Japan” platforms, marking the first time that the annual transaction amount has surpassed 100 billion yen in Japan.

The notable growth is attributed to the escalating popularity of LINE Manga’s original webtoons and the intensified promotion of works by E-book Japan.

Within LINE Manga, the webtoon “Military Enrollment” stood out, surpassing a monthly transaction amount of 180 million yen (1.6 billion won) and becoming the platform’s largest-scale single work. Additionally, ongoing hits like “Remarried Empress” and “Plunderer Bride” consistently recorded monthly transaction amounts exceeding 100 million yen (870 million won), contributing to a sustained period of high growth. E-book Japan, on the other hand, maintained its robust growth by reinforcing collaborations with Japan’s prominent simple payment service, “PayPay,” and enhancing work promotions.

Kim Shin-bae, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) of LINE Digital Frontier, the operator of LINE Manga, expressed, “Through LINE Manga and E-book Japan, we aim to provide enjoyable works to an even larger audience and contribute to the growth of the Japanese digital manga market by discovering talented local artists.”

LINE Digital Frontier has firmly established itself as a leading digital manga service in Japan, securing over 20 million monthly active users (MAU) through the LINE Manga and E-book Japan platforms.

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