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BnJ Biopharma Secures Investment from The Invention Lab for AI Drug Development

2023-12-08 2 min read


BnJ Biopharma Secures Investment from The Invention Lab for AI Drug Development

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BnJ Biopharma, which specializes in designing anticancer drugs based on intratumoral diversity data and is developing AI-based drugs, has secured investment from ‘The Invention Lab‘. The investment amount has not been disclosed.

Founded by Dong Jae-jun, an alumnus of Yonsei University College of Medicine and a professor and division head of Future Innovation at Gangnam Severance Hospital, BnJ Biopharma is a startup focused on developing multi-target drugs that overcome resistance to AI-based anticancer treatments.

BnJ Biopharma previously received seed funding from INNOCUVE, an accelerator subsidiary of HANDOK. Currently, the company is collaborating with HANDOK on joint development based on Target Protein Degradation (TPD) technology.

Moreover, BnJ Biopharma has obtained early-stage investment from Ideabridge Partners, a venture capital firm specializing in investments based on intellectual property (IP) and technology. Additionally, following an investment from the deep-tech specialized accelerator BigBang Angels, the company was selected for the TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startup), a private investment-led technology startup support program.

Jin-Young Kim, CEO of The Invention Lab, commented, “BnJ Biopharma has developed a technology that deviates from traditional drug development methods, designing new drugs rapidly and cost-effectively using AI. Particularly, the company is expected to create successful cases by exporting new drug candidates to global pharmaceutical giants and achieving a technology-special listing, capitalizing on their unique ability to predict and overcome resistance to anticancer drugs.”

Dong Jae-jun, CEO of BnJ Biopharma, provided an update on their research and development: “We have independently developed a pancreatic cancer drug candidate targeting KRAS mutations and have successfully demonstrated its Target Protein Degradation (TPD) capability. Currently, we are actively conducting animal trials to verify its competitive advantage over existing drugs, and we plan to enter Phase 1 clinical trials in Korea next year. Additionally, we have successfully added a fourth-generation EGFR TKI (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor) to our pipeline.”

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