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Groo Raises Pre-Series A Funding for AI-Driven Plant Growth Management

2024-01-19 2 min read


Groo Raises Pre-Series A Funding for AI-Driven Plant Growth Management

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Korean planttech startup Groo, which operates a service named ‘Groo’ for managing plant growth using data and AI, has secured pre-Series A funding from Nudge Healthcare and BonAngels Venture Partners. The investment amount remains undisclosed.

Groo provides features such as a watering diary, an AI plant hospital, and AI plant identification to assist users in their plant-growing journey. It collects data on plant-specific diseases, gardening tips, and Q&A, thus creating a virtuous cycle where this database continually enhances AI-driven plant care services, including recognition, diagnosis, recommendations, and consultation.

Groo has also explored revenue models including ‘paid memberships’ that offer collaborative plant care for gardeners, and ‘managed commerce’, where buying new plants through the service includes joint care. This funding is aimed at supporting Groo’s global expansion and service enhancement.

Since its official launch in March 2022, Groo has seen users register over 180,000 plants, tracking their growth. The company was ranked among the top 3 startups in the Google Play Store’s booth program for 2023 and reached the 6th position in the education app charts in November.

Jeongshin Park, CEO of Nudge Healthcare, remarked, “Gardening activities are gaining global acclaim as a wellness lifestyle with mental health benefits. Despite being a relatively new app, Groo has demonstrated its capability to deliver an excellent user experience and strong retention, convincing us of its potential for global startup success.”

Hwigwang Kwon, CEO of Groo, regarding this investment, stated, “The persistent problem for consumers in the floriculture market is not distribution but the daunting task of not knowing how to care for plants. This issue can only be addressed through advanced digital connectivity and AI. With the launch of Groo’s global service, our aim is to enhance the consumer experience for plant caretakers worldwide.”

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