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SUNDAYPLANET47 Secures Seed Funding to Expand Globally and Innovate Plant Care

2024-05-24 2 min read


SUNDAYPLANET47 Secures Seed Funding to Expand Globally and Innovate Plant Care

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Potscompany, a Korean enterprise that operates the companion plant brand SUNDAYPLANET47, has successfully raised seed funding with contributions from AI Angel Club and CNTTECH. SUNDAYPLANET47 offers a variety of services and solutions designed to make it easy for anyone to enjoy plants indoors.

This brand distinguishes itself by offering plant care products that are both user-friendly and stylish, such as the Rainy Shower and Multi-Plant Mist. They also have launched planters incorporating SUNDAYPLANET47’s IP design, which are available for sale both online and offline, domestically and internationally. Moreover, SUNDAYPLANET47 has developed unique products tailored for plant care beginners, such as the all-in-one seed kit and Hello Plants, helping to establish a strong brand identity.

Other products include the 273 Garden room spray, inspired by the scent of Seoul Forest, and the versatile Plant Bag, usable in everyday life beyond just plant care. Leveraging the positive image of the plant brand, they are broadening their business into the lifestyle sector.

Chairman Choi Sung-ho of AI Angel Club commented, “SUNDAYPLANET47 is poised to become a leading brand in Korea’s companion plant and home gardening lifestyle trends. Given its distinctive brand strength, we anticipate successful expansion into global markets, including Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan.”

Lee Si-woo, CEO of Potscompany, remarked, “The companion plant market, both at home and abroad, is an increasingly attractive sector. With this new investment, we aim to broaden SUNDAYPLANET47’s offline footprint and prepare for a robust global launch by advancing our products through R&D technology.”

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