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[Korean Startup Weekly News #19] MSS of Korea Enhances Support for Super Gap Startups in AI, Quantum and Space Sectors

2024-05-26 4 min read

[Korean Startup Weekly News #19] MSS of Korea Enhances Support for Super Gap Startups in AI, Quantum and Space Sectors

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MSS of Korea Enhances Support for Super Gap Startups in AI, Quantum and Space Sectors
The Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups hosted an event in Daejeon to support leading super gap startups in AI, space, and quantum technology, aiming to foster global market leaders.

Second WOW IR Day: Showcasing Promising Startups and Fostering Investment Opportunities
WOW PARTNERS successfully hosted the second ‘WOW IR Day’, connecting promising startups with potential investors. The company is actively seeking collaboration partners for future events.

Korean Government News

Seoul Opens K-Beauty Pop-Up Store in Dubai to Support SMEs to Expand into Middle Eastern Markets
Seoul supports SMEs’ global growth by assisting 30 beauty companies with marketing in the UAE, including pop-up stores, distribution channels, and export consulting for Middle Eastern markets.

Latest Funding News

Check out the latest funding news for Korean startups

Next Payments Secures 4.25B KRW in Series A to Enhance AI Retail Solutions and Expand Globally
Next Payments secured 4.25B KRW in Series A to enhance AI retail solutions and expand globally with ‘K-Smart Store’ retail tech solutions integrating data-driven AI, IoT, and robotics technology.

Vendit Raises KRW 4 Billion to Boost Hospitality Solutions and Direct Hotel Operations
Korean company Vendit raised an additional KRW 4 billion in pre-Series A funding to expand its automated management solutions for the hospitality industry and directly manage hotels.

‘AeiROBOT’ Secures 3.5 Billion KRW to Advance Humanoid Robotics Technology
Korean startup AeiROBOT raised 3.5 billion KRW in seed funding, led by Hana Ventures. They develop humanoid robots, including Alice4, aiming to enhance productivity and save costs.

Worknjoy Raises KRW 2 Billion Investment for GPRO Business Management Platform
Korean startup Worknjoy secured KRW 2 billion for GPRO, a platform that integrates various business systems such as HR and finance, enhanced by integration with ERP systems like SAP and Douzone.

KODA Secures Pre-Series A Funding for Digital Asset Custody Expansion
Korea Digital Asset (KODA) received pre-Series A funding from Hashed and Altos Ventures to expand its digital asset custody services, planning to enhance offerings and address upcoming regulations. Secures Seed Funding to Advance On-Device AI and Cut Cloud Costs secured seed funding to develop ZETIC.Melange, a server-less AI solution that runs on mobile devices, reducing costs and improving performance and security.

SUNDAYPLANET47 Secures Seed Funding to Expand Globally and Innovate Plant Care
Korean company Potscompany’s SUNDAYPLANET47 secures seed funding from Ai Angel Club and CNTTECH to expand and innovate indoor plant care solutions globally.

MVNT Secures Seed Investment to Protect Dance IPs and Choreographer Rights
MVNT, a Korean dance IP startup, secures seed investment from Mashup Ventures to protect choreographers’ rights and copyrights globally and enhance ‘Emote Publisher’ solution. 

Korean Startup Interview

Meet startups that are striving for global expansion through exclusive interviews

[Korean Startup Interview] Cheongse ‘Dream of Becoming the KOLMAR KOREA and COSMAX of Industrial Cleaner ODMs’
Korean company Cheongse is an ambitious and innovative startup, aspiring to achieve the status of companies like KOLMAR and COSMAX in the industrial detergent ODM sector.

[Korean Startup Interview] EARTHFORM : Eco-Friendly Packaging and Buffering Material Production Using Mushroom Mycelium and Agricultural Byproducts
EARTHFORM pioneers eco-friendly packaging using mushroom mycelium, aiming to replace Styrofoam with compostable materials, targeting growth in the expanding green market.

Korean Venture Capital News

SOPOONG Ventures joined the seed investment round for Sustainable Battery Tech Innovation
SOPOONG Ventures joined the seed investment round of Indonesian startup BANIQL, innovating sustainable battery technology for electric vehicles and clean energy storage solutions.


Carpenstreet Selected for KODIT’s First Penguin Program with Acon Platform Development
Korean startup Carpenstreet, running Acon platform, receives 1.5 billion KRW guarantee support from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund’s First Penguin program.

Mondane Consulting Chosen for KODIT’s Little Penguin Program to Support Promising Startups
Mondane Consulting, a Korean company, was selected for KODIT’s Little Penguin program, receiving 600 million KRW over two years to develop affordable online services for startups.

‘SANDY FLOOR’ Selected for KODIT’s Little Penguin Program, Developing “GREAT TOY SHOWDOWN”
SANDY FLOOR, a Korean game developer, is developing “GREAT TOY SHOWDOWN,” supported by KODIT’s Little Penguin program. The game launches on Steam in Q4, 2024.

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