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[Korean Startup Weekly News #23] LD Carbon Secures 40 Billion KRW in Series C Funding to Expand Recycled Carbon Black Production

2024-06-23 4 min read

[Korean Startup Weekly News #23] LD Carbon Secures 40 Billion KRW in Series C Funding to Expand Recycled Carbon Black Production

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LD Carbon Secures 40 Billion KRW in Series C Funding to Expand Recycled Carbon Black Production
LD Carbon raised 40 billion KRW in Series C funding, led by Woven Capital, to expand recycled carbon black production from waste tires, enhancing sustainability and reducing emissions.

Korean Government News

Seoul AI Startups Partner with MILA-Quebec to Accelerate Global Market Expansion
Seoul AI startups collaborate with Canada’s MILA to boost global presence. They join the ‘Scientist-in-residence’ program, enhancing tech prowess and exploring North American markets

Seoul Launches CORE100 Initiative to Attract Global Investors to Promising Companies
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is accepting applications for CORE100 to attract global investments to promising companies, offering networking and strategic consulting support.

Latest Funding News

Check out the latest funding news for Korean startups

Bitsensing Secured 35 billion KRW in Series B funding for their innovative radar solutions
Bitsensing, a Korean radar solution startup, secured 35 billion KRW in Series B, advancing their radar tech for autonomous driving, smart cities, and digital healthcare, aiming for global market expansion.

Nota AI Secures KRW 30B in Series C Funding for Global Expansion
Nota AI, specializing in AI optimization, raised KRW 30 billion in Series C funding. This investment will help the South Korean startup enhance global partnerships and prepare for an IPO next year.

Trenbe Secures Series E Funding to Expand Leading Luxury and Pre-Owned Goods Platform
Trenbe secured Series E funding to expand its leading luxury and pre-owned goods platform, leveraging AI innovations and rapid offline center growth for improved profitability and global expansion

Uniqconn Raises KRW 10 Billion for Mass Production of Next-Gen Semiconductor Solutions
Korean semiconductor startup Uniqconn raised KRW 10 billion in Series A funding to advance mass production of innovative high-speed transmission solutions and expand commercial operations.  

Lightspeed Backs Korean Fintech Travel Wallet in Historic First Investment
Travel Wallet, a South Korean payment fintech, secured investment from Lightspeed Venture Partners, marking Lightspeed’s first Korean investment and enabling Travel Wallet’s global market expansion. 

AES Tech Secures 4 Billion KRW to Advance Clean Hydrogen Production Technology
Korean startup AES Tech secured 4 billion KRW in funding to commercialize its eco-friendly hydrogen production technology, aiming to lead the green energy market with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

NationA Raises KRW 2 Billion Funding to Enhance Global SaaS Services
Nation A, a South Korean generative AI startup, secured KRW 2 billion in pre-Series A funding to enhance its 3D/4D SaaS platform, Neuroid, and expand globally.

Medicos Biotech Secures $10 Million Investment and Forms Joint Venture with Rokline
MedicosBiotech secured a 10 billion KRW investment from Rokline, forming a joint venture, MediRok, to develop and market spider silk protein-based wound treatments and cosmetics globally.

GURUCOMPANY Secures Funding to Enhance and Expand Webtoon and Web Novel Solutions
GURUCOMPANY secured pre-series A funding to enhance its webtoon and web novel platform ‘Treasure Island’ and expand into new markets, leveraging its e-commerce solution ‘Gururang’.

Euler Robotics Secures Investment for Advanced Robotic Solutions
Euler Robotics secured investment to develop an affordable 3D camera-based robotic sorting solution, aiming to replace manual tasks in logistics and manufacturing, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Korean Startup Interview

Meet startups that are striving for global expansion through exclusive interviews

[Korean Startup Interview] Neurogrin: ‘Innovating Neurological Treatments to Restore Smiles with Advanced Tech’
Korean biotech startup Neurogrin pioneers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for neurological disorders, focusing on precise pain assessment and vagus nerve stimulation. 

[Korean Startup Interview] FUST Lab ‘Revolutionizing Industrial Emulsification and Dispersion with Focused Ultrasonic Tech’
FUST Lab developed focused ultrasonic technology to enhance emulsification and dispersion, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional surfactants and promising industry revolution.


30 Teams Selected for the 13th Chung Ju-Yung Startup Competition by Asan Nanum Foundation
The Asan Nanum Foundation’s 13th Chung Ju-Yung Startup Competition selected 30 teams, offering office space, seed money, and mentoring to support their business growth.

Uproot Company’s BitSaving Named Top 50 Finalist at Startup Wheel 2024 in Vietnam
Uproot Company, a Korean firm with its digital asset solution BitSaving, was selected as a top 50 finalist at Vietnam’s Startup Wheel 2024, marking its expansion into Southeast Asian markets.

IMBiologics Licenses Autoimmune Drug ‘IMB-101’ to Navigator Medicines
IMBiologics, a Korean biotech company, has licensed its autoimmune therapy, IMB-101, to Navigator Medicines, aiming for global development with potential milestone payments up to $924.75 million.

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