[Korean Startup Weekly News #22] GRINERGY Secures KRW 40B Investment for Global LTO Battery Market Expansion

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  • Period : June 10th – June 16th, 2024


GRINERGY Secures KRW 40 Billion Investment for Global LTO Battery Market Expansion
South Korean energy startup GRINERGY secured a KRW 40 billion investment to expand into the global LTO battery market, planning to increase production and enhance international partnerships.

SK Telecom Invests $10M in Perplexity to Enhance AI Search Engine Collaboration
SK Telecom invests $10M in Perplexity to enhance AI search engine collaboration, aiming to improve AI personal assistant services and provide exclusive Perplexity Pro services to SKT customers. 

Korean Government News

MSS Hosts Fabless Startup Roundtable to Strengthen the System Semiconductor Sector
Minister Oh Young-joo of the MSS discussed policy strategies to support fabless startups in the semiconductor industry, emphasizing their crucial role in national innovation efforts.

MSS Holds Roundtable on Support for Startups Expanding into Japan
MSS addresses challenges for startups entering Japan, plans policy support based on Tokyo meetings, emphasizing local networking and legal issues.

MSS Hosts Korea-Latin America Forum to Boost Mutual Growth and Cooperation
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Korea hosted the “2024 Korea-Latin America Future Cooperation Forum,” aiming to enhance economic ties and promote mutual growth with Latin American countries.

Latest Funding News

Check out the latest funding news for Korean startups

GoPizza Secures $10M Investment from Thailand’s CP Group to Accelerate Expansion
GoPizza secured $10M from CP Group, accelerating its Thailand expansion. With 450 stores in seven countries, GoPizza plans to exceed 1,200 stores globally this year.

GLORANG Secures 9B KRW in Series A2 Funding to Expand AI-Driven Educational Services
GLORANG raised 9 billion KRW in Series A2 funding to enhance AI-based educational diagnostics, expand globally, and grow its Kukke platform for real-time online classes.

Robotics Firm Floatic Secures KRW 5.2 Billion in Pre-Series A for Logistics Automation
Floatic, a Korean logistics robotics company, secured KRW 5.2 billion in pre-Series A to enhance e-commerce operations with their automated solution, Floware, boosting productivity by 3.5 times.

WADDLE Secures 2 Billion KRW to Expand Conversational AI Shopping Agent Gentoo
Korean startup WADDLE raised 2 billion KRW in pre-Series A to expand its conversational AI shopping agent Gentoo, which enhances online purchase conversion by recommending products.

TMR Founders Secures Pre-Series A Funding for NFC-Based Order Service ‘TAG HERE’
TMR Founders secured pre-Series A funding for “TAG HERE,” an NFC-based table order service, to enhance convenience for consumers and reduce costs for small business owners.

Tripearl Games Secures Pre-Series A to Expand Innovative Global Gaming Projects
Tripearl Games, a Korean console game developer, has received pre-Series A to develop globally targeted games like ‘V.E.D.A’ and enhance game development with innovative technologies.

Flo-Lounge Secures Pre-Series A Funding to Expand Innovative Flower Market
Flo-Lounge, a Korean O2O flower distribution startup, has secured pre-Series A funding from New Paradigm Investment to expand its unique flower market concept and online services.

FROMSEOUL Secures Seed Investment to Enhance Web-Based XR Avatar Platform
Korean content startup FROMSEOUL secures seed funding from d.camp and TheVentures for EDEN-WORLD, a web-based avatar platform facilitating XR avatar trading and creation.

Korean Startup Interview

Meet startups that are striving for global expansion through exclusive interviews

[Korean Startup Interview] Neurogrin: ‘Innovating Neurological Treatments to Restore Smiles with Advanced Tech’
Korean biotech startup Neurogrin pioneers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for neurological disorders, focusing on precise pain assessment and vagus nerve stimulation. 

[Korean Startup Interview] FUST Lab ‘Revolutionizing Industrial Emulsification and Dispersion with Focused Ultrasonic Tech’
FUST Lab developed focused ultrasonic technology to enhance emulsification and dispersion, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional surfactants and promising industry revolution.


NextRise 2024, Seoul: Largest Startup Expo Opens with 1,500 Startups and 250 Global Firms
The largest-ever NextRise 2024, Seoul, launched at COEX, featuring 1,500 startups and 250 global firms including LVMH and HP. Japan, as the guest country, aims to foster business collaborations with Korean startups.

Frefins Joins KODIT’s ‘First Penguin’ to Revolutionize the Rental Market with ERP Solutions
Frefins, a Korean cloud platform company for the rental industry, joined KODIT’s First Penguin program, receiving financial support and providing ERP solutions to enhance rental businesses.

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