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‘AeiROBOT’ Secures 3.5 Billion KRW to Advance Humanoid Robotics Technology

2024-05-21 < 1 min read


‘AeiROBOT’ Secures 3.5 Billion KRW to Advance Humanoid Robotics Technology

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AeiROBOT, a Korean startup specializing in humanoid robots, has secured 3.5 billion KRW in seed funding. The investment was led by Hana Ventures, with participation from SGC Partners and Gauss Capital Management. AeiROBOT is a spinoff from Professor Jae-kwon Han’s robotics lab at Hanyang University and has been honing its technology by developing the humanoid robot ‘Alice’ and participating in the annual RoboCup competition.

AeiROBOT has a lineup that includes the bipedal humanoid robot ‘Alice4’, the welcome robot ‘Amy’, and the companion robot ‘Eddie’. Notably, the Alice4 is equipped with a 250W actuator developed in-house by AeiROBOT, which is expected to significantly reduce the cost of humanoid robots.

AeiROBOT’s CEO, Yoon-seol Um, stated, “In the face of a productivity decline crisis due to the population cliff, robots are the solution that can save our economy,” adding that “humanoid robots that resemble humans will be key.”

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