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Second WOW IR Day: Showcasing Promising Startups and Fostering Investment Opportunities

2024-05-25 3 min read


Second WOW IR Day: Showcasing Promising Startups and Fostering Investment Opportunities

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WOW PARTNERS hosted the second ‘WOW IR Day’ on the 23rd at TIPSTOWN S1 in Gangnam, Seoul, aimed at connecting promising startups with investors. This event showcased startups featured on ‘Startup Together,’ an interview project by WOWTALE, a startup media platform managed by WOW PARTNERS. 

The event introduced these startups to external investors and startup support organizations. With around 70 participants including investors, startup officials, and support organizations, the event was a great success.

‘Startup Together’ has featured over 100 teams in the last two years, with more than 30% successfully raising funds post-interview despite a challenging investment climate.

The second ‘WOW IR Day’ spotlighted five promising startups: Granter, VSPharm Tech, OS, KAVILAB, and Timwork. Each shared their unique strengths and visions.

Kang Seong-bin, CEO of KAVILAB

KAVILAB kicked off the event, showcasing its orthopedic surgery planning software. CEO Kang Seong-bin highlighted their no-charge policy for hospitals adopting their solution. He noted, “We anticipate receiving FDA approval within 10 months and will quickly secure both domestic and international licenses.”

Lee Kyu-hoon, CFO of VSPharm Tech

VSPharm Tech, a biotech firm developing a cancer radiation therapy enhancer (VS-101), was represented by CFO Lee Kyu-hoon. “Radiation therapy is currently used by 30% of cancer patients in Korea,” he stated, asserting confidence in achieving global top-tier status post-commercialization. “Last year, VSPharm Tech was recognized as a baby unicorn and successfully completed its Series B funding. We are now in talks for Series C funding with three international investors, with plans for a technical special listing following this round.”

Lee Eung-gu, CEO of OS

OS presented third, a startup revolutionizing semiconductor production with its advanced atomic layer etching technology. CEO Lee Eung-gu described their technology as “six times faster and more precise than existing methods.” OS aims to file over 11 patents and complete mass production, targeting KRW 100 billion in sales by 2028 and becoming a crucial technology in the semiconductor industry.

Lee Young-in, CEO of Granter

Granter closed the presentations, discussing its AI-driven service for analyzing corporate expenses and financial information, which streamlines financial management for small businesses. CEO Lee Young-in explained, “Granter integrates management and financial accounting, enhancing both convenience and efficiency.” The company targets a global expansion to 700 million companies, focusing on automating all financial activities.

Jeong Wook-chan, CEO of Timwork

Timwork, which offers AI-driven construction management solutions, boosts productivity and efficiency on construction sites. CEO Jeong Wook-chan shared, “After signing an MOU with GS Construction, we plan to expand our application to more sites.” The service aims to provide essential information and documentation for construction sites.

Following the presentations, the Q&A session reflected high interest in the startups, succeeded by a networking event to foster close exchanges.

Looking ahead, ‘WOW IR Day’ will continue as a regular monthly event, connecting investors with startups. The next session is scheduled for June 27 at TIPSTOWN S6 in Gangnam, Seoul. WOW PARTNERS is actively seeking collaborators for sponsorship, co-hosting, recommending presentation teams, and forming joint investments and funds.

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