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Forparents Raises Seed Investment for Innovative Senior Travel and Concierge Services

2024-01-23 2 min read


Forparents Raises Seed Investment for Innovative Senior Travel and Concierge Services

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Forparents,’ a Korean company that provides travel and concierge services for the senior generation, has successfully completed a seed investment round. The exact amount raised remains undisclosed. This investment round included participation from MYSC and IMPACT SQUARE.

Forparents offers two distinct services: ‘forparets,’ a care travel service tailored for individuals in their 70s and 80s, and ‘Honored,’ a travel service designed for active seniors in their 50s. The forparents service caters to seniors who face challenges traveling alone due to mobility issues or mild cognitive impairments. It features professional care personnel, including caregivers and social workers, referred to as ‘buddies,’ who accompany these seniors on their travels.

In contrast, ‘Honored’ focuses on providing enriching travel experiences that cater to the leisure needs of the Baby Boomer generation, diverging from traditional low-cost package tours. The service aims to foster community and interaction among its members through the Honored club membership, ensuring continuous provision of services tailored to the needs of people in their 50s.

Yoo Jaiin, Vice President of MYSC, commented, “As the senior industry is rapidly expanding, we expect Forparents to achieve significant growth by providing meaningful services tailored for the new generation of seniors.”

Junpyo Jang, CEO of Forparents, expressed his gratitude for securing investment through MYSC, a company known for its robust support of early-stage startups. He added, “This investment marks a starting point for us. We plan to begin with the leisure sector, which greatly appeals to our consumers, and aim to innovate in the senior industry as a way to repay our customers’ trust.”

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