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SalesMap Secures 1 Billion KRW Investment for Rapid Expansion

2024-01-25 < 1 min read

SalesMap Secures 1 Billion KRW Investment for Rapid Expansion

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SalesMap, a B2B CRM solution provider based in South Korea, has successfully secured a pre-Series A investment of 1 billion KRW. In this funding round, Primer Sazze Partners took the lead, and existing investor Primer continued with follow-up investment. The investment is intended to facilitate expansion in development and sales personnel in response to a significant increase in the client base.

SalesMap specializes in the development of CRM software tailored for B2B transactions, with a primary focus on maximizing the efficiency of B2B sales and marketing teams. Widely adopted by companies ranging from startups to publicly traded entities, SalesMap notably attracts customers who have transitioned from foreign CRM products such as Salesforce. The company enhances user satisfaction by providing solutions that align with the unique characteristics of the domestic market.

Founded by a B2B SaaS development team from KAIST, SalesMap has a history of creating various B2B SaaS products in fields including ERP, databases, and CRM.

Hee-Young Jung, the CEO of SalesMap, emphasized, “We are entering a time where a distinctive sales strategy plays a pivotal role in corporate management.” Jung highlighted the importance of the customer familiarization and settling-in process, stating that SalesMap is committed to providing close support to clients until the adoption of the product stabilizes.

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