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Korean 3D Cell Culture Innovator, Celloid, Raises KRW 2.4 Billion for Global Regenerative Medicine Leadership

2024-01-31 2 min read

Korean 3D Cell Culture Innovator, Celloid, Raises KRW 2.4 Billion for Global Regenerative Medicine Leadership

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Celloid, a Korean startup pioneering 3D cell culture solutions, has secured a pre-series A investment of KRW 2.4 billion.

Established in May 2021, Celloid began its investment journey with Postech Holdings in June 2022, attracting additional funding from FuturePlay and Postech Holdings in about a year and a half.

Born out of Postech, Celloid leverages long-standing research to develop a sophisticated 3D cell culture automation system, using material-permeable film scaffold technology. Diverse experts in biotechnology, mechanical engineering, and robotics contribute to its development.

After securing seed investment, Celloid rapidly demonstrated the feasibility of its 3D cell culture automation system, filing for and registering intellectual property rights in a short period. The startup leads a KRW 5 billion government-supported technology development project and plans to launch products in 2024.

Led by Professor Kim Dong-sung from Postech and CEO Min Byeong-hyeok, Celloid, established to provide solutions in the 3D cell culture market, has recently gained attention. Postech alumni with a background in 3D cell culture technology and robotics automation have joined the team.

Celloid’s products specialize in providing closure, uniformity, and reproducibility in cell culture processes for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. These advantages minimize cross-contamination, enabling quality control and reducing the treatment cost of personalized regenerative cell therapies.

FuturePlay’s Goo Yong-seok stated, “As a company expected to grow significantly, Celloid is anticipated to create meaningful revenue globally.”

Celloid’s CEO Kim Dong-sung added, “With the regenerative medicine market growing rapidly, Celloid plans to lead the global regenerative medicine market by 2030 through strategic investments.”

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