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‘RADICURE’ Secures pre-Series A funding for Innovative Digital X-ray Dementia Treatment

2024-05-10 2 min read

‘RADICURE’ Secures pre-Series A funding for Innovative Digital X-ray Dementia Treatment

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A Korean startup RADICURE, specializing in a digital X-ray treatment system for dementia, has secured pre-Series A funding from FuturePlay

Established in October 2021, RADICURE is a research-based startup that brings together a team of brain science researchers, medical device experts, and Dr. Won-Kyu Jung, a radiation oncology specialist at Kangdong Kyunghee University Hospital. 

Dr. Jung, the CEO of RADICURE, has a 27-year career in radiation oncology, having earned his degree from Chonbuk National University. He founded RADICURE based on seven years of preclinical and clinical research into low-dose radiation therapy for dementia patients.

RADICURE is developing HeLaXON, a digital X-ray-based dementia treatment system aimed at restoring brain immune function. This approach stands in stark contrast to the traditional methods pursued by major global pharmaceutical companies, which pour significant resources into developing antibody treatments to slow dementia progression and alleviate cognitive decline.

Currently, RADICURE is conducting preclinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of digital X-rays and is also running a multi-center, patient-blind, randomized clinical trial targeting Alzheimer’s disease patients, the most common form of dementia. Drawing from the promising interim results of this clinical trial, RADICURE has developed HeLaXON, a safe and cost-effective dementia treatment device with no reported side effects. The device also includes software for personalized treatment plans.

Goo Yong-seok, a lead investor at FuturePlay, explained, “We decided to invest because RADICURE’s clinical trials have shown a significant reduction in cognitive decline, alongside positive results from their preclinical studies.”

Dr. Won-Kyu Jung, CEO of RADICURE, remarked, “While recent drugs for dementia have shown a 27% reduction in disease progression, HeLaXON has the potential to achieve up to 80% reduction.” He added, “Through this new system, free from drug-related side effects, we aim to revolutionize the medical field by establishing a new paradigm for dementia treatment.”

Additionally, Dr. Jung has been invited to present the interim results of the ongoing clinical trial at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) conference in Glasgow, UK, in early May.

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