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Kai Health Secures Funding for Global Expansion of AI Infertility Solutions

2024-02-06 2 min read


Kai Health Secures Funding for Global Expansion of AI Infertility Solutions

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Korean startup Kai Health, which provides infertility artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, has secured pre-SeriesA funding. This investment round includes new investors IMM Investment and SBVA, as well as existing investors Smilegate Investment and Translink Investment. With this funding, Kai Health plans to focus on the global expansion of its flagship solution, ‘Vita Embryo‘.

Founded by Lee Hye-jun, a former obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in infertility, Kai Health is developing AI solutions aimed at increasing the success rates of infertility treatments. Utilizing data from over 20 hospitals in Korea, the United States, and Malaysia, the company has developed an AI algorithm that identifies embryos with a high probability of leading to pregnancy, earning it European medical device certification.

Kai Health has created ‘Vita Embryo’, an innovative infertility AI solution that enables couples undergoing in vitro fertilization to select the best embryos, thereby increasing their chances of pregnancy.

Moon Yeo-jung, a former obstetrician-gynecologist and executive at IMM Investment, who participated in the funding, commented, “As the childbearing age increases and family structures diversify, the demand for infertility treatments is gradually rising. We decided to invest in Kai Health because we believe it has global competitiveness, being Asia’s first infertility solution company to rapidly gather data and expand partnerships.”

Lee Hye-jun, CEO of Kai Health, stated, “The most effective way to address the low birth rate issue is to assist infertile couples who earnestly wish to have children. With this investment, we aim to obtain certification from the Food and Drug Administration and aggressively pursue global expansion, with the goal of aiding more infertile couples in having healthy babies.”

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